After year one, I'm pivoting

I'm switching to creating a monthly visualization distributed via email.

This issue marks a full year since I began writing this weekly email newsletter.

I can't thank you enough for joining my list. It's been extremely gratifying to curate content that I also benefited from as I worked through these apologetics issues.

That said, I've decided to pursue a different path.

Moving forward I will primarily send out a monthly email linked to a visualization related to apologetics, like the kinds I've built here and here. I would rather augment the apologetics world with something unique while practicing my data visualization skills.

A monthly cadence allows me time to create something you're likely not to run across elsewhere. This doesn't mean I won't occasionally send a traditional email newsletter when the mood strikes, but those will be rare.

It's totally cool if you unsubscribe now or at any point. I know there are a zillion good blog posts, podcasts and other great ways to learn apologetics. So I won't at all take it personally if you'd rather exit now or later.

I'm not certain when my first visualization will come out. Perhaps in late October, but possibly not until January 2022.

For now, I'll say thanks once again for reading. I'll leave you with my favorite verse: Proverbs 23:23 - "Buy the truth and do not sell it. Also get wisdom, instruction and understanding."