Did Jesus claim to be God?

There's plenty of evidence he did.

"So Jesus claimed to be God in several ways. He claimed equality with God in prerogatives, honor, worship, and authority. He claimed to be Yahweh of the Old Testament by applying truths about Yaweh to Himself and by claiming to be the promised Messiah. Finally, He claimed to be the only way to approach God in prayer and requested prayer to Himself as God. The reactions of the Jews around Him show that they clearly understood these things to be blasphemous claims for a mere man to make.” - Page 110 of When Skeptics Ask, by Norman Geisler and Ron Brooks

Did Jesus ever really claim to be God? Muslims say Jesus was a prophet, and remind Christians that Jesus never said in the Bible "I am God!" You'd think he would have made that point abundantly clear if he was God, many assert.

On the surface that sounds convincing, but as you dig more deeply into the Bible, it becomes clear that Jesus did more than say it in various ways. He deliberately did things only God could do, only the Messiah would do, and the Pharisees of the era pushed to have him crucified for it, as being a blasphemer.

Jesus presented Himself as God

This excellent 6-minute, 35-second video from Dr. William Lane Craig summarizes clearly the evidence that not only Jesus thought he was God, but that he was crucified because everyone around him thought he believed it too. He uses a variety of documents and analyzes them with the historic rigor any historian would use when investigating any event in history.

Key reasons Jesus is God, and others are not

This excellent video by Impact 360 goes over key reasons why though many in history have claimed to be God, Jesus' claim stands out. Coupled with Dr. Craig's video, it provides all the evidence I would think open minded people would need to at least believe beyond reasonable doubt that Jesus really was God.

Verses relevant to revealing Jesus as God

Now that you have big picture, I've linked below to many of the verses mentioned in the videos, for you to read and have ready when you're in conversations on this topic. All verses are in the New International Version.

A good place to start when in conversation is Luke 4. Jesus kicks off his ministry, reading from Isaiah 61:18-19 about the coming Messiah, and then saying in effect, I'm that guy, and people in his own synagogue dragged him out and were going to kill him.

So right from the start people took what he was saying as blasphemous: that he was claiming to be God! If you look at it from the perspective of the people at that time, who were anticipating a triumphant political leader, Jesus from down the street I'm sure would have been a let down to say the least.

No wonder even his own family at the time thought what he claimed was strange.

He went on to say about as loudly as someone without a blog or TV show or podcast could say it: I'm THE person that's been previewed in the Torah.

Jesus often referred to terms in the Old Testament his audience would have been familiar with, in order to show that he was God:

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