Accomplished scientists who also follow Christ

See a pictograph of scientists alive right now who follow Jesus

Plenty of narratives circulate that Christianity is anti-scientific, that anyone who believes Jesus died and rose again must reject science.

One of the sections in the book Person of Interest which I did not touch on in my review, is all about the impact of Christianity on the world of science.

Starting on page 185, the book provides seven arguments for how Jesus and his followers helped fuel the field of science.

Followers of Jesus:

  1. Considered matter something good and worth studying

  2. Thought the world was a product of a singular, orderly, rational God

  3. Believed God was distinct from His creation

  4. Were motivated by their desire to worship the God of the universe

  5. Theorized that they could better understand God by observing His activity in the “book of nature.”

  6. Pursued physical and intellectual investigations of their environment

  7. Created modern universities where like-minded scholars and students began gathering and finding home bases for experimentation.

Author J. Warner Wallace in his 279-page case file, provides the names of past and present scientists, and in many cases why he believed they followed Christ.

From that, I've developed a pictograph to help illustrate a group of living scientists who follow Jesus. If you scroll over each figure, you'll see which scientist that particular image represents. I hope to continue to add to this pictograph so eventually everyone mentioned in the case notes will be represented here.

See pictograph

Why take the time to create this visualization and gather this data? It's important to note that science and Christianity don’t conflict and these many past and present followers of Jesus underscores that reality. No one should believe that you need to set aside what you know about the world when reading the Bible or heading to church.

In fact, it was science itself that helped lead scientist Dr. Hugh Ross to believe in Jesus and found Reasons to Believe. He shares his story below.